Christmas Tree Recycling

As the Christmas season comes to an end and all of the decorations are being packed away for another year, we have to find something to do with our real Christmas trees.

Thankfully, Horkans have 2 environmentally friendly options for you to consider:

1. Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Local authorities throughout the country are offering free recycling of real Christmas trees and this year, both our Turlough (Mayo) and Glen of the Downs (Wicklow) stores are  designated drop off zones.  

Real Christmas trees can simply be mulched into bark mulch which is an organic material used in shrub beds and around trees to help suppress weeds. Local authorities will use the recycled tree bark to help create weed free shrub beds and borders in local communities throughout the country.

Just drop your tree into the store before January 20th, and we will look after it for you.

If you cannot get into either our Turlough or Glen of the Downs stores then contact your local county council for information on the nearest Christmas tree recycling centres to you. 

2. Reuse as a Garden Structure

An alternative option is to reuse your real tree as a garden structure for scented sweet peas or climbing nasturtiums to grow on this summer. This will create the perfect wigwam of scented sweet peas which flower from June to October and can be cut fresh from your garden as a scented bouquet for your home. Simply secure your Christmas tree in a bright location in the garden – plant some sweet pea or nasturtium plants around the base and the climbing plants will scramble up through the tree, smothering it with flowers from June to October.

Now that’s a fantastic way to get 2018 off to a good and green start!