How To: Grow Your Own Potatoes

Home grown Irish potatoes are simply the best. Just add butter and a touch of salt and nothing tastes better. They’re a staple food in the Irish diet, hence every family should know how to grow their own. And guess what, the good news is growing your own potatoes is very easy. Here we outline how to grow your own potatoes.

How To Grow Your Own Potatoes:

What you will need:

  • Seed potatoes
  • Multi-purpose compost
  • Large pot 

How long do potatoes take to grow?

  • First early – take about 10 weeks. A good option is the Red Duke of York or Orla Seed Potatoes.
  • Second early – take about 12 weeks. Kestrel Seed Potatoes are our recommended option.
  • Maincrop – take about 15 weeks. King Edwards are our favourite!

Simple Steps To Follow:

Potatoes are a healthy and nutritious food source and the best thing is, they are very easy to grow, requiring little to no maintenance. They can be grown in even the smallest section of soil and are ideal for growing in bags or pots, if preferred over a garden patch. If growing in a pot follow the simple steps below to grow your own potatoes:

  1. Choose the size of pot you will grow your potatoes in, dependent on the size of the crop you will plant. Ensure it has several holes in the bottom for drainage. 
  2. Add multi-purpose compost to the container and then add potato seeds. Plant potatoes in rows at a spacing of 30cm (12″).
  3. Cover potato seeds with multi-purpose compost. Next, add water and place your pot in a warm, well lit environment.
  4. When the potato shoots reaches 20cm (8″), mound up soil around the shoots leaving just a few cm showing. As the potato shoots grow continue adding multi-purpose compost to the container, ensuring the shoots are near covered. 
  5. Weed between rows and keep potato plants well watered throughout the growing season.
  6. Once crops are ready for harvest (see the ‘how long to potatoes take to grow’ guide above), empty the pot, clean off the compost and enjoy the spuds! 

Want to learn more about the benefits of home grown food? Read our blog post here outlining some of the top reasons why you should grow your own food. After all, there is nothing quite as fulfilling as eating the fruits (or vegetables!) of your own labour!