Horkans Introduce New Range Of Garden Lighting

“As the sky darkens, the gardens of light emerge to dazzle you.”

As the sun slips into the horizon and stars light up the night sky, darkness falls on our outdoor areas. Our gardens, patios and outdoor spaces, once full of life and light descend into the blackness. The darkness is limiting. It limits the length of time we can spend outdoors and it restricts our sense of security in our homes. This brings us swiftly to our next port of call on our exciting journey together, outdoor and garden lighting.

The addition of an outdoor light to our outdoor space can be transformative. Lighting fulfills many purposes in the great outdoors. It illuminates an outdoor area and allows it to be enjoyed long after nightfall. It is captivating, highlighting an outdoor area in a majestic way. Furthermore, it acts as a safety and security feature, protecting your home and garden in the dark of night. Finally, garden lighting serves as a centrepiece in the garden, adding an air of elegance and beauty.

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At Horkans, we stock three different brands of outdoor lighting; Gardman, Smart Garden and  Heatmaster. We will now discuss them in greater detail. 


Our range of Gardman outdoor lights are solar panel lights. They are battery operated lights (included) that recharge naturally by day and then emit mood light by night. The light released is bright, white, LED light perfect for adding light to a bed, border or pathways. 

“It is better to light a candle, than to curse the dark.”
John F. Kennedy

Smart Garden

Smart Garden has a long heritage in the design and manufacture of high quality solar powered lighting. The range includes a variety of products including string lights, spotlights, floodlights and many more. The lights charge in sunlight and emit the light during darkness, an eco-friendly lighting option. Primarily, the lights have a minimum operating time of 6+ hours when fully charged and illuminate automatically as dusk falls, a completely effortless lighting solution. 

Smart Garden Magnum Stake Light


The last item in our range of garden lighting, but definitely not least, is the Heatmaster Electric Umbrella Patio Heater. This electric light is a popular choice for both domestic and commercial environments as it offers two things every Irish garden needs – heat and light. It is an energy efficient lighting solution with a 92% conversion ratio giving you economical, efficient heating. Its halogen element is designed to get your body warm within seconds. It will heat you as opposed to the air around you. This makes it the perfect addition to a patio parasol!

Smart Garden Magnum Stake Light

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