Horkans Compost: The Batman To Your Robin!

It has been an exciting week for one of our loyal customers and Facebook friends, Anne Conlon. As she began preparations in her garden for the summer ahead, she was greeted with a very chirpy surprise… nesting!

Horkans Compost
Nesting Mother Robin

Tucked inside her bag of Horkans compost was a little Robin who had built a nest in the compost, to protect her eggs. 

“It’s been wonderful to watch nature at its best.”Anne Conlon

Anne dedicated herself to the job of looking after the Robin and its nest of eggs. Daily, she checked up on the Robins and warned off cats cheekily lurking nearby. 

She watched as the daddy Robin went in and out of the nest all day, gathering supplies and looking after his little family. One week later, four healthy chicks were born and welcomed into the world. 

Within days their eyes began to open and their beaks sought food. The mother Robin was in and out of the nest all day, every day looking after her young. She was ensuring they received the food they needed to give them the best start in life.

Nesting Chicks

Anne predicts that the young birds will be leaving the nest any day now. She hopes they remember her and stay in her garden. At Horkans, we want to say thank you to Anne for looking after our feathered friends. We hope they stay in your garden, Anne, so you can enjoy their presence. 

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