Palram Greenhouses

Bring your green dreams to life with Palram greenhouses! Palram greenhouses are a complete greenhouse experience that makes gardening easier, efficient and comfortable. Palram was established in 1963 and is recognized as a leading brand for quality and service. It is a world-leading manufacturer of extruded thermoplastic sheets and panel systems. 

At Horkans, we are proud to be the exclusive seller of Palram products in Ireland. Currently, we have two different types of Palram greenhouses in store, check them out below!

Bella Greenhouse

Our Bella Greenhouse is beautiful, yet practical. Here are some of its key features: 

  • It is virtually unbreakable. 
  • It consists of 6 mm twin-wall polycarbonate panels, they maintain ideal temperatures and protect from strong sunlight exposure.
  • The bell shaped roof improves wind resistance and allows snow to easily slide off.
  • The panels are 100% UV protected, blocking harmful UV rays to protect inner equipment.
  • It has an easy, DIY assembly.
  • The aluminium frame is durable and rust resistant.
  • It has a friendly, magnetic door catch to keep the greenhouse open.
  • There is a galvanized steel base included – for additional structural support, stability & alignment.
  • Allows easy access – low-threshold and double doors. 
  • It is maintenance free.

Our Bella Greenhouse comes in a variety of sizes to suit individual needs. Contact us for more information. 

Palram Bella Greenhouse - Outer
Palram Bella Greenhouse - Inner

Hybrid Greenhouse

This perfectly crafted greenhouse with a sleek modern design makes it pleasing to the eye, as well as practical. The hybrid greenhouse is an ideal merger of usability with a smart & clean design. It provides durability, safety and optimal growing conditions. Some of its key features include:

  • It is virtually unbreakable.
  • 2 polycarbonate glazing types provide balanced growing conditions.
  • Its roof protects the interior from strong sunlight exposure; twin-wall polycarbonate panels.
  • Its walls provides over 90% light transmission – crystal clear polycarbonate panels.
  • There is a built-in gutter system for effective water drainage & collection.
  • Its panels block harmful UV rays and are 100% UV protected; they do not discolor, fracture or shatter.
  • The aluminium frame is sturdy and rust resistant. 
  • A galvanized steel base is included to add structural stability.
  • Incorporates a DIY installation system – sliding panels’ assembly system.
  • The single hinged door can be assembled as either a right or left hand side door.
  • A magnetic door catch is included to keep the greenhouse open.
  • The door handle is lockable (lock not included).

Our Hybrid Greenhouse comes in a variety of sizes to suit individual needs. Contact us for more information. 

Palram Hybrid Greenhouse - Outer
Palram Hybrid Greenhouse - Inner

Have you still got questions on our Palram greenhouses? Just contact your local store where one of our helpful and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.