Paraic’s Plant Of The Month: May 2019

The May plant of the month is the Cytisus Racemosus or the Sweet Broom. A member of the Fabaceae family, it is native to northern Africa, southern Europe and Asia.

The Cytisus Racemosus is a hybrid, evergreen shrub with light green trifoliate leaves and fragrant bright yellow flowers. It is collected in long racemes making this the perfect plant for stunning bright yellow flowers in May.

Cytisus Racemosus is also known as the Sweet Broom due to the sweet scent its flowers emit. The flowers are visible from early May onward.

Sweet Broom

Where to plant the Sweet Broom

Plant the Sweet Broom in a large patio pot outside or directly into a flower bed. If you are planting it in a bed, choose one where the soil is free draining. Dig a hole twice as deep and wide as the root ball. Push the soil around the roots and tamp it down. Plant it in a bright, sunny location and water it if rainfall is low.  With little care, this early summer flowering plant will reward you with a big, bright splash of colour to start your summer off.

Sweet Broom in a pot.
Sweet Broom in a garden.

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