SpaceGrill Gas BBQ | The World’s Most Space Efficient BBQ

The temperatures are heating up across the island of Ireland and what better way to celebrate than to dine al fresco, BBQ style. 

At Horkans, we are proud to stock a wide range of barbecues, catering to the individual needs of many. One BBQ we are particularly proud to bring to you is SpaceGrill. SpaceGrill is exclusive to Horkans in Ireland and it really is a master in the BBQ world. In this article, we will talk you through the key features of the magnificent SpaceGrill Gas BBQ.  

“SpaceGrill is truly like no other barbecue you’ve ever seen.”SpaceGrill

Space Efficient

Thanks to its patented fold down design, SpaceGrill is unrivalled in its space saving abilities. When it is not in use, it occupies very little usable space (it protrudes a mere 20 cm from the wall). In use, it is also compact and space efficient. 


When in cooking mode, the SpaceGrill provides a “full sized” cooking area. The cooking area itself consists of two parts, a chef-grade, stainless steel grill and a ceramic coated, cast iron, reversible hotplate. This makes it very versatile, allowing you to cook a vast variety of foods. 

Easy To Install

SpaceGrill is effortless to install as it comes completely assembled. All you need to do is screw the mounting bracket to a suitable location on a wall. Once the bracket is in place, just lift the SpaceGrill onto the bracket, lock it and you’re ready to go. No sweat, no tears. We promise, just watch the demo here if you don’t believe us.

SpaceGrill is equally easy to move. Simply unlock the grill and lift it off the bracket. This allows you to store the SpaceGrill inside during the winter months. Additionally, if you’d like to mount your SpaceGrill in another location, you can do so by using the additional brackets supplied. A portable stand is also supplied if load bearing walls or structures are not an option for you, or if you just want some flexibility in terms of where you cook.

Patented Pivot Mechanism

Central to SpaceGrill’s design is a pivot mechanism within the mounting bracket. This ensures it has a modest 15kg pivot weight, despite SpaceGrill itself weighing a reassuring 35kg. 

SpaceGrill has recessed handles on both sides, meaning it is easy to raise into cooking mode. When it is not in cooking mode, it holds a vertical storage position, that occupies even the smallest of spaces.

Duel Fuel Gas BBQ

Charcoal or Gas you ask? SpaceGrill can do the best of both! The factory issue of SpaceGrill operates off bottled, liquid petroleum gas. However, SpaceGrill can be converted to natural gas, so it is able to operate off mains gas. In addition, a stainless steel charcoal tray is available as an accessory, allowing you to opt for that classic smoky BBQ taste if preferred. 

High Performance

SpaceGrill is powered by three high performance stainless steel burners individually ignited by piezoelectric crystal. The combined output rating of 10.5kWh ensures plenty of fire power, with even heat distribution thanks to the separately controlled burners.


SpaceGrill combines multiple safety features to provide complete peace of mind. In the latest model, valves are installed to cut the gas supply off if the flame is extinguished by the elements. SpaceGrill has also been designed to ensure there is no heat transferance from the grill the wall (or other structure) it is mounted on. Whilst, the splashback prevents cooking splashes marking wall.  

Easy To Clean

SpaceGrill has an internal drip system that is designed to capture any run off in a detachable tray. The tray pivots as the angle of SpaceGrill changes, ensuring run off is collected in every position from horizontal cooking mode right through to its vertical storage position. This feature makes cleaning easy. As the tray is detachable, cooking and cleaning run off is easily disposed of, making it simple to wipe down the tray or take inside for washing.

Do you have questions about the SpaceGrill? If so, just contact your local store where one of our helpful and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.