Heathers outside in pots

Autumn Plants

Autumn is here and is there anything more beautiful than the Autumn colours? This season is about preparing the garden for the cold Winter ahead. It's also a time to bring stunning shades of orange, red, yellow and green to the garden. Read on for a selection of beautiful Autumn plants.

Hebe Donna

The Hebe Donna is long flowering, easy to grow and looks amazing 12 months of the year. It comes in different leaf colours so there are a few varieties to choose from - they can come in blue, lavender or an intense rich pink. They're suitable for growing in pots, containers, or out in your garden soil to give a ground covering effect.

We recommend that you grow them in groups of threes, fives or sevens to create a carpet effect. They'll grow together, smother the weeds and give a beautiful uniform colour. 

Hebe Rhubarb & Custard

This stunning plant is known for its fantastic foliage colour, with leaves that are an intense shade of pink contrasted by a bright yellow surrounding band. It's an evergreen shrub so this beautiful colour will stay all year round. During the Summer and Autumn it produces lavender blue flowers which will brighten up any garden.

This Hebe can be planted in pots, containers, or on slopes and banks. It can also be used in borders and beds to suppress weeds and to cover ground. Want to get that carpet drift effect? Simply plant them in clusters of six.

If you'd like everything you need to grow this beautiful plant now, we have Hebe Rhubarb & Custard Kits available, which you can read more about here.

Skimmia Obsession

Flowers, berries and evergreen foliage - what more could you want from an Autumn plant? The Skimmia Obsession produces beautiful white flowers in early Spring, with berries forming from early Autumn, right through Winter and Spring and often into early Summer. 

It's an ideal plant for pots and containers or perfect for outside your patio to give fantastic Autumn and Christmas colour. The red berries are perfect for Christmas and are ideal for dressing up the front door. The Skimmia can also be planted in borders and beds to give long lasting colour. 


Scent and colour - what's not to like? The perennial lavender comes into flower in early Summer and flowers right through Autumn into early Winter. It's got silver foliage producing a beautiful intense, purple flower for a very long period. It can be planted in pots or containers, slopes or banks, or to create a low hedge. It can also be used in shrub borders in a group pattern - plant in groups of threes, sixes or nines to create that clumped and carpet effect.

Senecio Angel Wings

The stunning Senecio Angel Wings has the perfectly suited name. It has beautiful angel wing shaped leaves with a downy silver sheen to them, making them the perfect patio addition for Christmas. They're ideal for planting in pots, containers, large window boxes or troughs.

This stunning plant retains its foliage all year and produces a bright yellow flower during summer. It grows to about a foot, and is roughly two feet in diameter so it's perfect for carpeting the ground. Make sure to plant it in a bright sunny location, ideally in relatively dry soil. 

Garden Girls Heathers

The Garden Girls Heathers flower right through Autumn, Winter until early Summer. This gorgeously coloured plant is perfect in pots, containers, windox boxes, or in flower borders or beds. It's low growing and when planted in clusters it'll add long lasting colour and suppress weeds. If you really want some vibrant colour in the garden, try adding some Spring bulbs too. You could add snowdrops which produce snow white flowers through Christmas until early February. They'll come up just above the heathers to add a splash of colour.

If you're planting the Garden Girls, don't forget to use some Gro-sure ericaceous plant food. It helps to keep the intense colours and extend the flowering period, while keeping the plant in healthy condition. Use once a fortnight until the end of November to keep the plant blooming.


Fed up painting the home or shed? Climbing plants are perfect for covering up walls, fences, or arches. Now is the perfect time of year to grow them. There is a wide range of varieties, including many evergreen climbers and climbers that flower during the Summer. Others can be grown for their beautiful berries in the Autumn, Winter and Spring period. 

If you'd like to learn more about gardening during Autumn, check out our blog here. If you want to get your Autumn garden ready now, we have some of our beautiful Autumn plants available on our website - just click the button below to shop.