The Benefits Of Growing Fruit Trees

 Fruit trees are a lovely sight in every season. September is an ideal time to harvest fruit from your garden trees. It is also a perfect time to plant fruit trees, while the soil is still warm and moist.

Growing your own fruit trees yields many benefits. Firstly, it allows you to promote your family’s wellbeing with organic foods. Secondly, it helps preserve health with a green lifestyle. It can also contribute eco-friendly solutions to global issues; protect wildlife, rewild natural lands, and conserve the environment. Lastly, you can enjoy pristine and tranquil scenery with your family, straight from your own backyard.

Apple Tree

6 Benefits of Growing Fruit Trees

1. Promote Well-being:

Homegrown fruits are known to promote well-being. Food security and nutrition is an essential concern to any household. Growing your own fruit gives you more control over what is in your food and where it comes from. It also provides you with incredible flavours and a rich source of variety for your daily needs. Organic food also helps in reducing the demand for conventionally grown fruit. What better way to enjoy fruits without losing their freshness? Pick them straight from your backyard, instead of having them shipped from a thousand miles away.

2. Preserve Health:

Growing your own food is linked with many health benefits. A canopy of fruit trees can improve air quality. Well-placed trees serve as a physical filter to trap dust and absorb pollutants in the air. Studies have shown that trees can lower the dust level in the air by as much as 75%. The presence of trees in a neighbourhood has proven to improve the health of residents. Trees clean the air and provide fresh air to the surrounding community.

Fruit Bowl
Fruit Basket

3. Strengthen Local Pride:

Strengthen local pride and interaction within the community. Planting trees or a garden within a community brings an community together. A community garden provides a communal space for walking, jogging and spending time. Fruit trees in a community are a rich educational resource for children. Children can engage in bird watching, playing and adventuring or gardening. With specific plants and trees growing in particular communities, these trees can help to strengthen a community’s distinctive character and local pride.

4. Contribute Eco-Friendly Solutions to Global Issues:

By planting fruit trees, you can help reduce the greenhouse effect and slow the rate of global warming. By absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, trees reduce harmful gases in the air. Growing your own fruit also help to reduce plastic consumption. Fruits can be picked directly from the garden instead of from a shop, where they are packed in plastics. In addition, you are reducing the impact of fossil fuels. The food industry is said to account for 10% of fossil fuel consumption, due to shipping, packaging, transporting and storing food.

Conserve the environment with trees’ natural benefits. Planting fruit trees and other vegetation work to cool the air, land and water. Trees also block sunlight, reducing temperatures in a city by up to 7°. Flooding and soil erosion can also be prevented by planting trees. Trees absorb thousands of litres of water and reduce surface water runoff. Fallen leaves from fruit trees also reduce soil temperature and soil moisture loss. Upon decaying, these also provide nutrients for tree growth. 

Growing a Tree

5. Protect Wildlife:

Protect wildlife and rewild natural lands. Trees offer shelter and food to communities of insects, birds, fungi and lichen. They provide complex micro-habitats and create a healthy ecosystem. Rewild natural lands by sowing native organic fruit trees. The addition of a small pond or bird feeder would compliment the fruit trees. Together, they will attract birds and insects to feed and live within the comfort of your garden. Relax your gardening to allow mother natures natural process of restoration. This creates native ecosystems for pollinators and wild creatures.

6. Enjoy Pristine and Tranquil Outdoor Scenery:

Enjoy pristine and tranquil outdoor scenery with your family and with nature. The presence of fruit trees provides attractive views, serene sounds and calming scents. By simply spending time with nature, your whole family can recharge and refresh. Gaze at the lush colours of your fruits and blooms, listen to the restful music of birds, and smell the sweet perfume coming from your scented flowers. Bliss!

With the luscious land and vibrant climate that Ireland offers, you can easily grow your own fruit trees. We have a wide selection of fruiting plants which include blueberries, hazelnuts, fig trees, plum, pear, apple, cherries, damsons, rhubarb, blackcurrants, red and white currants, gooseberries and strawberries. By planting these fruit trees, you are helping not only yourself, but also the larger community and environment around you.

If you're looking for an easy way to grow vegetables, try the Vegepod. It's a self-watering, raised garden bed that provides the perfect climate for growing your own food.

If you have questions on the perfect fruit trees for your garden, just contact your local store where one of our helpful and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.

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