Paraic’s Plant Of The Month: December 2019

The December plant of the month is the clematis “winter beauty”. It is a fantastic winter-flowering and scented plant. Clematis winter beauty is an evergreen climber. It is fast growing with beautiful white flowers.

This plant boasts delicately fragrant, waxy, bell-shaped flowers. In the depths of winters, it is a welcome addition to any garden. The foliage is so lush, that you’ll think its summer time all year round! It has the ability to bring a magical touch of warmth into your garden to brighten the cold, winter days.

When Does The Plant Flower?

The winter beauty produces sparkling nodding flowers from December to March.

How To Plant The Clematis Winter Beauty:

  • Prepare the soil with compost & slow-release fertiliser.
  • Plant the plants 1 meter apart. 
  • Tie in the young stems to give them support.
The flower of the winter beauty.

Where To Plant The Clematis Winter Beauty:

There are multiple places you can plant this beautiful plant. Here are some ideas for inspiration…

  • The base of other evergreen climbers including ivies, pyracantha and evergreen ceanothus. This adds a splash of winter colour and interest to other plants during the winter months.
  • It can be used to cover large walls, trellis’s and pergolas.
  • It can also be grown up through other garden shrub, conifer or hedging plant to add additional colour and interest.
    Climbing flower.

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