Horkans Artisan Festival

Horkans Artisan Weekend Festivals

Introducing Horkans Artisan Weekend Festivals, happening in Horkans Garden Centre, Castlebar.   

Starting from Saturday 26th September, we will be celebrating and promoting the local Irish crafts community in store every weekend until Christmas. 

The last few months have shown us that local businesses need each others support now more than ever. With the cancellation of summer festivals, markets and tourist events, our artisan and craft traders have been affected. We have invited local artisan and craft producers into our large centre to use as a platform to promote and showcase their crafts. 

Bringing together local businesses for the Artisan Weekend Festivals, hosted by Horkans Castlebar.

Horkans Artisan Weekend Festivals – what to expect!

Our store has been transformed into an Autumnal market with 11 stalls stretching through the garden centre.  These will be taken over by your favourite craft and artisan producers.  Each weekend these stalls will come alive with demonstrations, food tasting and designers eager to share their skills and knowledge. 

We are looking forward to Horkans Castlebar becoming a street of stalls, chatter, laughter, smells and good fun spirits in the air! 

The Artisan weekend Festival will bring you through the seasons, from Autumn to Winter.  This includes Halloween right through to Christmas.  Encompassing crafts based around these seasons – you we learn and experience fantastic unique products that will be available to purchase from the provider – supporting their business. 

Here is just a few of the producers involved in the Artisan Weekend Festival. 

  • Wood turners
  • Candlestick makers
  • Crochet and Knitting
  • Glassware
  • Prints
  • Pottery
  • Coffee makers
  • Chocolate makers
  • Cheesecake makers
  • Dairy Farmers
  • Painters
  • plus many many more

Of course, being a garden centre, there will be demos for planting by season and door wreath maker for Halloween and Christmas.  Horkans Garden Experts and Horticulturalists will be in store to help with all your gardening questions.  The Bayleaf Restaurant is fully open serving, breakfast, dinners, cakes, tea and coffee! The weekend festivals are shaping up to be a fun way to spend a couple of hours. 

Events will be updated here and posted weekly on facebook and Instagram.

Safety Measures

Safety for our staff, visitors and customers will remain our number 1 priority during these events. There will be a number of safety measures taken to maintain a safe environment. 

  • All our Artisan attendees will receive a store Health & Safety pack, which briefs them on our procedures and expectations.
  • All staff members will be wearing masks at the event.
  • Masks are mandatory whilst in the store. (Special exceptions will be made)
  • Please santize your hands regularly whilst moving around the store.  Hand sanitizers stations will be available.
  • Physical distancing is still very important in the store. The store is spacious enough to accommodate this.  But please be aware of yourself and others.
  • We will be sanitising trolleys and tills regularly.
  • Toilets will be cleaned and sanitised regularly. 
  • Queuing may be expected to maintain crowd control. 

Do you have any gardening questions? If so, just contact your local store where one of our helpful and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.