Lawn care

Lawn Care: Steps to Success


We all dream of having a lush green lawn. A garden oasis we can take pride in and enjoy spending time in. But how do we achieve such a lawn? Here we outline how you can have a rich green lawn in just 3 simple lawn care steps.

1. Treat Moss

One of the best methods to control and prevent moss from infesting your lawn is to treat the entire lawn with a treatment of ZERO Lawn Liquid. Zero Lawn Liquid is a fast-acting moss remover that works rapidly to kill lawn moss. It has the ability to kill lawn moss right down to the root structure, overnight. Mix the Zero Lawn Liquid with water (1 litre of ZERO Lawn Liquid to 10 litres of water) and spray onto the entire lawn area. ZERO Lawn Liquid should be applied using a clean knapsack sprayer or a watering can.

Measurements: 1 litre of ZERO Lawn Liquid will cover 400 sq yards of lawn. If your lawn is very prone to moss, apply ZERO Lawn Liquid every 4-6 weeks.

Note: make sure the treatment is ONLY applied to grass. If it splashes onto walls, concrete, tarmac, or other such areas, wash off immediately.

2. Feed Lawn

The second step to achieving a luscious green lawn involves feeding your lawn with OSMO. OSMO is a special blend of slow release fertilisers, containing a mix of major and micro nutrients. The nutrients in OSMO green your law, without forcing growth. Evenly apply OSMO over the entire lawn area. We recommend using a lawn spreader, as it will easily spread OSMO evenly over the entire lawn. The lawn can be mowed one day after application.

Measurements: 1 x 25 kg bag of fertiliser will cover 334 sq metres of lawn (if ZERO is used first to kill the moss).

3. Kill Weeds

The third and final step for a rich green lawn this year is to kill weeds with Dicophar Selective Weedkiller. Dicophar Selective Weedkiller provides fast and effective control of all major lawn weeds. This high-strength weed killer shows effective results in short time periods. It kills persistent broad-leaved weeds without harming your soil. For best results, mix 100 ml of Dicophar to 10 litre's of water. Apply on a dry, calm day using a knapsack to evenly spray the solution over the entire lawn. 

Measurements: 1 litre of Dicophar will cover 1003 sq metres.

Paraic's Top Tips:

  • Read label carefully for full instructions
  • Always wear protective gloves and mask
  • Keep weedkiller in a container (for safety and security)
  • Keep children, animals and pets away from treated areas until dry

In Summary:

  •  Apply a dressing of Zero to treat lawn moss overnight.
  •  Two days after Zero is applied, use Osmo to feed and green your lawn, without forcing growth.
  •  One week after Osmo is applied, spray Dicophar on your lawn to kill lawn weeds.

So what are you waiting for? Go green your garden and make sure it is a place you are proud of this summer! Have you still got questions on looking after your lawnJust contact your local store where one of our helpful and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.