Photo of Camellia Japonica

Mother’s Day Plant: #ParaicsChoice

This Mother's Day, the perfect gift for your mother is the beautiful Camellia Japonica. It is often called the Rose of Winter due to its gorgeous rose-like blooms. What is amazing about this plant is that it grows from a beautiful evergreen shrub which later evolves into a small tree. It'll serve as a delightful reminder of you every time your mother sees it.

Where to Plant

This plant will look good anywhere - surprise your mother by planting it in patio pots or in a big pot at the front of her house. You can even try out a few other ways to grow it if your feeling adventurous - It can be hedged, lollipopped, bonsaied or trained into a decorative espalier. The camellia is guaranteed to brighten up any area while bringing a smile to your mothers face.

How to Grow

If you'd like to grow the camellia for your mother, just follow the steps below:

1. Start by planting your camellia with some Ericaceous compost and Gro-sure ericaceous plant food.
2. Make sure you cover the shallow roots with organic matter such as old leaves.
3. During the Spring and Summer you can encourage flower growth by liquid feeding and using Gro-sure ericaceous plant food.
4. Use a drip irrigation system to prevent your camellia from drying out.
5. Keep your plant looking fresh by removing the faded blooms and liquid feeding with ericaceous liquid feed once a week.
6. During the late Summer, take cuttings using the cutting globe propagator.

Different Types

Single: This has one row of petals with no more than 8 petals. It curves back to show off a pillar of visible stamens e.g. Tama-No-Ura.

Semi-double: This has two rows of petals that gently overlap, revealing a boss of visible stamens e.g. Lovelight.

Formal-double:  Several layers of overlapping petals create a perfect spiral with a central cone of furled petals arranged symmetrically, never showing stamens, e.g. Desire.

Anemone: One or more layers of outer petals ring a central mass of frilled petals with some stamens, e.g. Dona Herzilia de Freitas Magalhaes.

Peony or Informal double: Raised petals hide a mass of twisted petals and stamens, e.g. Margaret Davis.

Rose: This is where several layers of overlapping petals open to show off the central stamens, e.g. Guilio Nuccio.

If you think your mother might prefer something else this Mother's Day, then take a look at our gift guide for 2020. We have so many options available, from flowers to woolly scarves. You're guaranteed to find something that'll make her smile. 

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