New years resolutions

New year’s resolutions for gardeners

Starting a new year is great for many reasons. It’s all about change – developing good habits, and getting rid of the bad ones. If you’d like to develop your gardening skills this year, why not create some new year’s resolutions for gardening! We’ve listed a few below to help get you started.

Plant fruit trees

Is there anything better than having your own, homegrown fruit right outside your door? Growing your own fruit trees has many benefits. Firstly, it allows you to take care of your wellbeing with organic foods. Secondly, it can also contribute eco-friendly solutions to global issues; protect wildlife, rewild natural lands, and conserve the environment. Lastly, you can enjoy pristine and tranquil scenery straight from your own backyard.

You can read about the benefits of growing fruit trees here.

Start caring for your lawn

Want a lush, green lawn for 2021? Our lawn care process is easy to follow and will leave you with a vibrant green lawn all year round. You just need Zero Lawn Liquid to remove lawn moss, Osmo to enrich your lawn and Dicophar to remove weeds. 

Read all about our lawn care process in our blog here

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Add more bird feeders to your garden

Feeding the wild birds is so important – in the colder months they can starve from lack of food resources. It’s always a great idea to hang up plenty of bird feeders to ensure they’re always well fed. Take care of the wild birds and you’ll be rewarded with their beautiful song throughout the year.

Want to learn more about what to feed the wild birds? Read all about it in our blog here

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Start your grow-your-own journey with the Vegepod

Growing your own is the best new year’s resolution you can have. The best and easiest way to grow your own is with the Vegepod – a self-watering, raised garden bed. Benefits include:

  • Year round gardening
  • Organic gardening
  • Rapid growth of produce
  • One foot of soil
  • Self-watering (can go weeks without watering)
  • Protection from pests, wildlife and damaging weather
  • Easy assembly (no tools needed)
  • Composed of durable, foodsafe plastic

You can learn all about the Vegepod in our blog here

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Fill your garden with colour

There’s nothing more beautiful than some vibrant colour in the garden. It can brighten anybody’s day while the planting itself can be incredibly therapeutic. Make it your mission to make your garden as colourful as possible this year. Get yourself plenty of bulbs and seeds and start planting!

New to gardening and not sure where to start? Try growing the cyclamen – these gorgeous flowers thrive in most conditions. You can learn how to grow them in our blog here.

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Buy more indoor plants

Plants can liven up the dullest of rooms and can turn your own home into a jungle-like paradise. Indoor plants have so many benefits:

  • Purify the air from toxins.
  • Improve your health.
  • Stimulate happiness.
  • Provide oxygen.
  • Boost productivity.
  • Establish a tranquil surrounding.

Try adding some plants to your kitchen such as parsley, rosemary, or thyme. You can see all of our herb seeds online here.  

Let us know what your gardening new year’s resolutions are – and have a happy new year everyone!