Paraic’s Plant Of The Month: August 2018

The August plant of the month is the wedding cake tree, which is also known as the cornus controversa variegata.

The wedding cake tree is a small deciduous tree with beautifully layered horizontal branches. The stems and branch's are red. This contrasts beautifully with its white, variegated foliage in spring, summer and autumn. In winter it boasts rich, black berries. However, the most striking feature of the wedding cake tree is the perfectly layered, horizontal branch structure. This structure makes this small tree an outstanding and beautiful tree in any garden.

Wedding Cake Tree

Wedding Cake Tree


Like many of the colourful cornus trees, the wedding cake tree originated from and is native to China, Korea, the Himalayas and Japan. Because of its beauty, grace and representation of love it has been grown in Europe for decades. 

Where To Plant:

  • as a feature plant in a large lawn
  • as a focal point in a shrub border

Special Occasion:

If you are looking for a special way to celebrate a family wedding, anniversary or other special occasion, then you should plant the cornus controversa variegata. This beautiful and graceful tree will bring beauty and joy to a garden, and is a truly unique way of marking an occasion. It will reward you with decades of memories and it will act as a beautiful reminder of your special day.

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