Paraic’s Plant Of The Month: January 2018

January's plant of the month is the Choisya Sundance, also known as the Mexican Orange Blossom.  The Choisya Sundance offers bright, golden, evergreen foliage with a star shaped flower. The scented, golden leaves of the Choisya Sundance reveal a striking show of colour, ideal for both shaded and bright locations. It usually blooms from late spring to mid summer, but is reliable for stunning foliage and flower all year round.

The Choisya Sundance makes for a medium sized garden plant, suitable for a large terracotta pot on your deck or patio or alternatively in your garden bed. It will grow in general free draining soil, requiring just planting compost, fertiliser and water to grow into the beautiful plant it is.

Pro Tip: The golden foliage contrasts brilliantly against deep purple foliage, shrubs such as the Pittosporum Tom Thumb, Purple Berberis and the Cotinus Royal Purple.