Paraic’s Tips For Your Garden In June

"Hello, June. It's been a while since I seen you last."

Normally June kicks off every year with Bloom, Ireland's largest gardening festival. It takes place in the Phoenix Park in Dublin and celebrates everything that is good in gardening.  This year we need to bring Bloom to our homes and gardens.

June embraces the start of the summer colour, including popular cottage garden plants like scented lavenders, colourful lupins, exotic lilies and dozens of perennial flowering plants. Many of the perennial plants flower from now until early autumn and come back year after year. June is the ideal time to add some Bloom inspiration to your garden. 

So what else can we do to look after our gardens in June? Well, the tasks we can complete in June are endless. June is the perfect time to indulge ourselves in our gardens. It is a time to plant instant colour, salad crops, kitchen herbs and edible fruits. Remember, there is still plenty of time to enjoy the summer colour and the fruits of your labour - so get planting this June!

Lawn Care

  • Mow your lawn evey 2 weeks, for a tidy and neat garden in June.
  • Treat lawn moss with Zero Lawn Moss to remove moss.  Moss will die away quickly. 
  • Then feed the lawn with Zero Lawn Feed.  This will encourage a lush green lawn for the summer.
  • June is a perfect time to sow a new lawn or wild meadow area. Weather conditions and soil temperatures are just right for excellent germination and strong growth.
    • To fill in patches of worn grass apply Green Velvet Lawn Seed for a quality, hard-wearing lawn.
    • To sow a wild meadow area, firstly remove the weeds, mix in a compost with the soil and spread wild meadow seedThe pollinators will love it!
Sowing seeds in a garden in June.
New Lawn

Sow and Grow

  • Plant vegetable and herb plants into raised beds, pots or into a vegetable garden. Plant summer and autumn cabbage, kale, brussel sprouts, cauliflower and lettuce plants. You can also sow seeds of Suttons Purple Sprouting Broccoli and Chinese Cabbage outdoors for fresh, kitchen vegetables in autumn and winter.  
  • To grow your own five a day, consider a Vegepod self contained growing unit for your garden. This raised garden bed is ideal for growing your favourite fruits, vegetables, herbs and salads. It is a waist high unit, making it easy to plant and care for your garden. It comes with a cover, protecting your edibles from caterpillars and general garden pests.
  • Did you know that scented lavender helps you sleep like a baby? Simply place lavender sprigs into the sleeve of your pillow and drift away for a restful night’s sleep. June is the right time to plant lavender in your garden. It grows really well in patio pots and flowers from June to early autumn. It loves to grow in a sunny location, in free draining soil. So it is perfect in a patio planter in full sun.
Fresh lavender in a basket.

Garden Care

  • Plant for the cabbage caterpillars! Yes, if you plant seeds of Flowering Nasturtiums now, close to your vegetable patch, you will save your cabbage. The flowers will attract the white butterfly. It will then lay its eggs directly onto the nasturtiums leaves, away from your valuable cabbage plants. This will help to protect your cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and broccoli from damage in an organic and environmentally friendly way.
  • Greenfly, whitefly, caterpillars and aphids attack many garden plants in June. Lupins, roses, beech hedging and fruiting plants are all prone to attack. These insects can severely damage many fruiting plants, so one should consider applying a dressing of spray. The Bug Clear treatment kills unwanted garden pests, without damaging the fruit and is ideal for all fruiting plants.
Caterpillar Eggs on a leaf.
Nasturtiums in a garden in June.
  • Protect your potato crop from potato blight. Potato blight spreads in humid, wet weather during the summer months. Simply apply a dressing of Bayer Garden Potato Blight Control to the stems and leaves of the crop. The treatment should be applied once a month, from June until September.
  • Feed all garden shrubs, trees and hedging now with an application of Osmo Pro 6 Fertiliser. Osmo will help to promote strong growth and flowers in many garden plants. Simply sprinkle a handful of Osmo out from the base of the plant. The Osmo granules will be absorbed quickly and add a much needed boost to your garden plants.

Garden Colour

  • Create a ball of colour by planting a selection of basket and patio plants into hanging baskets, window boxes and patio planters. Summer-flowering basket plants flower from June until August. Remember to liquid feed weekly with Horkans Blooming Magic
  • Roses remain a favourite garden plant and for good reason. Roses bloom from June to October, many are highly scented and come in a wide range of varieties. They are ideal for planting in patio pots, raised beds or in borders to create a stunning show of colour. Roses are easy to grow and reward you with months of colour and scent. 
Hanging Basket outside a front door.
Roses in a garden in June.
  • Summer-flowering Clematis can be planted now for a stunning show of large, colourful blooms from mid-summer. I recommend you add Horkans Own compost to the planting hole with two handfuls of Osmo Pro 6 Fertiliser. If planted now, they will produce strong growth and flower this and every summer.
  • Propagating plants is an inexpensive and easy way to get new plants from plants you already have. Just take cuttings from your favourite garden plants, dip them in Rooting Powder and place them in pots of rooting compost. Soft new shoots are ideal to use as cuttings to propagate your very own garden plants. Plants including roses, chrysanthemums, spireas, hypericium, buddleias and hydrangeas can be propagated by taking short stemmed cuttings. Many basket and patio plants, including trailing petunias, geraniums and verbenas can also be propagated in a similar fashion.

My main advice for your garden in June is to enjoy it! It's not very often that we are privileged with such glorious weather so get out into your garden and enjoy it. Get your hands dirty, feel the sun on your back and absorb the garden around you. Your garden is a space to be enjoyed, and now is the time to do it! 

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