Paraic’s Tips For Your Garden In October

As the leaves fall from their branches, our gardens are filled with wonderful, warming colours. Autumn is a wonderful time of year and there is so much that can be done in the outdoors. Here we outline what you can do in your garden in October.

Lawn Care

  • Care for your lawn this Autumn by following our lawn care “Steps to Success” program. Apply zero to control and prevent lawn moss. Next, apply Osmo to “green” your lawn. Finally, apply Dicophar to control lawn weeds. 
Lawn Care Steps to Success Programme

Sow and Grow:

  • October is a good time to plant rhubarb in your garden. I recommend choosing the early fruiting variety known as Timperley Early for strong stems of rich red rhubarb. It is important to enrich the soil using organic compost before planting rhubarb.
  • If you have apple, pear or plum trees, now is the time to pick the remaining fruit. Simply wrap the fruit in clean newspaper and store in crates in a dark, frost-free and cool location.
  • If you want to plant a new apple, pear or plum tree in your garden, October is a good time to do so. The Coronet Dwarf Apple Tree can be grown in a patio pot or container and will give you an abundance of fruit next summer.
Home Grown Rhubarb
Storing Apples In Autumn

Garden Care:

  • Moss is growing fast and strong this autumn. Apply PAC to your outdoor areas that are affected by moss (patios, slates, tiles, driveways and footpaths) and watch as your moss disappears. Simply mix the solution with water and apply to affected areas in dry weather. An application of PAC will kill any unwanted moss and lichen growth in your garden in October. Read more about PAC here
  • If you are interested in composting now is a good time to start making a garden compost heap. Simply collect fallen leaves, lawn clippings, shredded newspapers and uncooked kitchen waste. If you want to accelerate the composting process just apply a dressing of autumn compost maker over the layers of organic composting materials.
  • Garden song birds should be fed from now until late spring. Sunflower seeds, wild bird mixes and peanuts are great feeds for your garden birds, offering high levels of protein and energy. October is also a good time to clean out old nesting boxes for your feathered friends.
  • Plant hedging plants now to provide shelter and privacy in your garden. Large, instant mature hedging plants are now available for planting to create an instant wall of foliage up to 6 feet tall. They come in a wide selection of heights and varieties. Interested in planting a hedge? Read more here.
  • Trees including liquid amber, mountain ash, maples, sumachs and cotoneaster offer stunning autumn and early winter colours in your garden. Fruiting trees including sorbus, pyracantha, cotoneaster and malus offer your garden song birds a natural food source of delicious berries to sustain them through the autumn and early winter.
Bird in garden in October

Garden Colour

  • Spring flowering bulbs can be planted in your garden in October. Spring flowering bulbs include tulips, daffodils and crocuses, all of which are easy to grow. Plant the bulbs in patio planters and borders now for great colour in your garden next spring. One of my favourite spring flowers is called jack the lad. It is a daffodil that produces a brightly coloured double flower with golden yellow petals. The woodland walk mix is another beautiful variety. The combination of the bright yellow narcissus flowers and the blue from muscaria create a brilliant combination in spring.
  • A wonderful project to complete with your children this autumn is to plant scented hyacinths. Hyacinths offer you a wide range of colourful blooms. If they are planted now they will reward you with a stunning show of colour and scent for Christmas and the New Year. They can be planted in baskets, pots or window boxes. What a fun and rewarding activity to get your children or grandchildren involved in. 
  • October is the ideal time to add winter flowering plants to your patio planters and window boxes. Winter flowering plants such as heather, cyclamen, pansies, violas and trailing ivy can all be planted now. Before adding the plants place some spring flowering tulips and dwarf narcissus in the center of the pots for some additional colour next spring.

October is also a good time to visit and tidy graves. Graves can be brightened up by planting some winter and spring flowering cyclamen, pansies and violas. Why not add a planted container? You can plant it up with colour for winter and spring. 

Interested in learning more about gardening? Just follow along with our “Learn to Garden” blog here

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