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Rose Care Kit

Planting a rose bush can be a beautiful way to mark a moment in time, plant in memory of a lost loved one, a simply a family project to do. Is there anything more beautiful than seeing roses blooming in the sunshine? Roses add a beautiful burst of colour to every garden. 

With the weather we're being blessed with at the moment, right now is the best time to plant some roses. That's why we've created the perfect Rose Care Kit to make this process easier and more rewarding.  

These kits combine everything you need to grow and care for roses. Here's what it includes:

Westland Rose Food Enriched Horse Manure 3kg:
Westland Rose Food has been specially formulated to produce strong and healthy roses with abundant flowers. This special formula is enriched with horse manure to help your roses thrive. Westland Rose Food is high in potassium which encourages bigger, beautiful blooms and greener foliage. The added sulphur is perfect to improve leaf hardiness and increased resistance to diseases. It is this mix of essential trace elements and the right balance of key nutrients which keeps roses healthy and strong. Your roses will be healthy and more resistant to attack by fungi making them easier to maintain.

Rose Clear Ultra Concentrate:
Some people dread growing roses as they can be prone to disease, however we have the solution and that's a product called rose clear ultra. This unique 3-in-1 formula kills insects like greenfly, blackfly and other aphids and controls disease on roses and other ornamental plants, namely blackspot and mildew. It protects plants from further infestation with a recommended spraying interval of 3 - 4 weeks between applications.

3 Rose Plants:
We have selected the perfect rose to grow in your garden, the Trumpeter rose. Trumpeter is a dwarf floribunda rose boasting large clusters of fully double, cupped, bright vermilion red flowers. It is the perfect rose to add a pop of colour to your garden.

When Can I Plant Roses?
Roses that are bought in a pot can be planted at any time of the year.

Where Should I Plant Roses?
Roses should be planted in:

  • good soil
  • a sunny location
  • a sheltered location

If you're interested in this kit and would like to learn more about growing roses, then read our blog on roses here