Skimmia Obsession

Paraic’s Plant of the Month: January 2020

Skimmia Japonica Obsession is my favourite garden plant for winter and spring colour.   

This is a new variety of Skimmia called Obsession which provides garden joy all year round.  In August the flower buds appear and will open to produce gorgeous scented white flowers in March.  This is followed by rich red berries in autumn/winter, therefore making it a winner for Irish gardeners.  Best of all, it retains its beautiful emerald green foliage all year round.

Skimmia Japonica Obsession.

 What makes Skimmia Japonica Obsession a beautiful shrub?

Skimmia Japonica Obsession is a neat and tidy low-growing, low maintenance evergreen shrub.  The white scented flowers are very complimentary of its bright red berries. 
The Obsession variety produces more red berries than other Skimmias and will hold the berries for longer.  This is mainly because birds are not attracted to the berries during the winter months. 

"The Skimmia Obsession is the most gorgeous and easiest shrub to grow. It requires little pruning and will not grow wild. I planted mine 10 years ago and it is still growing strong and beautiful."Leonie - Horticulturist Horkans Castlebar

The Skimmia Obsession is a female shrub and will therefore need a male Skimmia near by to produce the beautiful white flowers.  I would recommend the male Skimmia Rubella, this is another favourite of mine. They can be planted side by side or close by each other. 

These low growing shrubs thrive in containers and normal to acidic soil, however they need to be placed in the shade or partial sun. Treating the soil with Ericaceous Compost will increase the acidity making perfect planting conditions. It is advisable to feed the shrub with Osmo Pro 6 in the spring and water well in summer.

The Skimmia is an ideal low maintenance, hardy, evergreen shrub. Ideally suited for containers, this a great shrub for areas of limited planting space, roof tops and balconies. 

 January is a time of preparation and planning for the year ahead. It is the perfect time to add a splash of colour to your garden and patio.  Read more in my Gardening Tips for January

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