Photo of seeds sprouting in plant pots

Steps to Sowing Seeds Successfully

Sow your seeds, whatever the weather

The Irish weather can keep us all cooped up inside the house when we don’t want to be. We are taken away from the outdoor activities we really enjoy, from gardening to exercising. Don’t let the awful weather we’ve had recently put you off – bring your gardening skills indoors! This will give you a head start on your gardening and prepare your seeds for their journey outdoors. There are many seeds you can grow indoors such as Basil, Broad beans and Oregano. Follow the steps below to successfully sow seeds on your windowsill:

1. The first step is to get yourself a seed tray which you will then fill with multipurpose compost, a dash of water and your seeds. Ensure that they are spaced out to allow room for growth, with cling film covering the tray.

2. Wait for signs of growth and when you see the seeds growing through the top of the soil you may move them outdoors. The time it takes to sow seeds can vary. For example, lettuce can take 2-3 days while turnips can take 3 weeks. Just make sure you check the back of the packet to find out how long you must wait. 

3. In order to prepare your seeds for the outdoors, you must harden them up. To do this, you must take them outside for a period of time each day. Each day you must extend this period of time e.g.
Monday: 12-2pm
Tuesday: 12-3pm
Repeat this process for a week, extending the time each day. By the end of the week they should be well used to the outside to stay outside permanently. 

Don’t let the weather hold you back – start sowing! You can learn more about sowing seeds here.

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