2 Plants Your Summer Garden Needs

Summer is finally here and we are rejoicing at the thought of spending time in our summer garden! Summer in the garden is a beautiful time… it is a time to relax and enjoy the beauty of it all. 

If you are still making changes to your summer garden, we have 2 plants we think you gardens needs. Perhaps you have a special family event coming up this summer? A wedding, anniversary or birthday party? Maybe you would just like to “spruce” up your garden with the addition of some colour and greenery. Whatever it is, we think you would adore the Basil Aristotle and Boxwood.  

Basil Aristotle

Basil aristotle is a small leaved and neatly rounded plant habit. It is highly aromatic and disease resistant. Its strong stems and tolerance to poor weather make this plant a good choice for Irish conditions. It looks as good as it tastes! It works wonderfully as a delightful feature plant in pots, containers or in the garden. After trimming, you can use its leaves as a herb in Greek or Italian dishes or as a simple salad dressing. It is a perfect plant for patio gardens, containers and window boxes where it can grow in full sun and well-drained soil. The plant has a dense, bushy habit that spreads to 15 inches. Left alone, this variety will eventually grow 12 inches tall, but harvesting from June to October is recommended at about 6 inches.

Care of Basil Aristotle:

  • Plant it into a large terracotta pot with Growise compost.
  • Feed it once a month with Osmo Pro 6 Fertiliser.
  • Trim the plant regularly. 
Basil Aristotle - Summer Garden


Boxwood is a very neat, slow-growing, evergreen shrub which is great for driveways, borders or vegetable gardens. Alternatively, it can be planted in a pot or container to be placed on a patio. It can be purchased in large containers to give an instant hedge or grown from a smaller plant. Boxwood has glossy, green foliage that is complimented by small, yellow flowers appearing in late spring.

Care of Boxwood:

  • Feed with Osmo Pro 6 Fertilizer.
  • Trim the plant in late Spring. 
Boxwood - Summer Garden

We recommend planting both of these in your summer garden today, to add some greenery and touch of intrigue. 

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Have you got questions on planting this summer? Just contact your local store where one of our helpful and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.