Horkans Vegebag

Vegebag and Salad Seed Kits

The Vegebag is such a great and inexpensive project for anyone, especially for families. We believe that the child that grows the fruit, eats the fruit!  What better time to start learning to Grow Your Own!

In this current climate, more people are discovering the benefits of growing their own food. Home grown food allows people to isolate peacefully, knowing their dinner is waiting right outside their door.  There are many benefits to growing your own food and the Vegebag is here to make it as easy as possible.

That’s why we are releasing our brand new Vegebag Kits!

What is the Vegebag?

The Vegebag is the budget friendly way to start growing herbs, leafy greens and root vegetables right outside your back door.  It's the perfect project for any gardener, from beginner to expert!

It holds one foot of soil, meaning you can plant a variety of veggies in proper soil depth. Thanks to the polyethylene knitted mesh, the Vegebag creates a greenhouse-like environment meaning that your fruit and veggies grow 50% faster.  The cover also protects your precious crops from UV damage, weeds and pests, meaning that you can grow organically and chemical free. The cover also helps self regulate the temperature by allowing air and water to penetrate it.

There are so many benefits to growing your own 5 a day and we believe this has been made easier with the Vegebag!

The Vegebag kit Contains:

  • 2 x Small Vegebag
  • Leaf Salad French Mix seeds
  • Suttons Leaf Salad Spicy Oriental
  • Suttons Beetroot Rainbow mix
  • Suttons Carrot F1 Maestro Seeds
  • Growise Mulitpurpose Compost

At Horkans, one of our biggest joys is when we see families sowing and growing together.  The benefits of growing your own can have both mental and physical health benefits.  Being out in the garden is known to reduce stress and blood pressure, among other benefits.

There are so many benefits to growing your own 5 a day and we believe this has been made easier with the introduction of the Vegebag!

Environmental benefits:
Organically grown food reduces air and water pollution as herbicides or pesticides are not used.
Home-grown food does not need to be transported from source to market. This reduces air pollution as planes, ships, trucks and cars are not used to bring the food to your plate.

Health and Wellness benefits:
Gardening is a leisurely way to spend time outside in the fresh air with the sun on your back, making us both mentally and physically healthier.
As you begin to grow your own fruit and vegetables your interest in fresh, healthy produce piques – this is reflected in your eating habits as you begin to enjoy the fresh food you have grown.

Financial Savings:
A successful garden has the ability to fulfill all your fruit, herb and vegetable needs.
Once fresh fruit and vegetables are readily available in your garden, your shopping list will shorten as you incorporate these ingredients into your meals.

Relationships will also Flourish:
You can involve the entire family in the development of a garden. Kids will love the opportunity to get their hands dirty and parents will cherish the opportunity to impart their knowledge on to the next generation.
Creating a garden gives people a purpose to get outdoors. This pull away from the monotony of a screen encourages interaction and communication among family members.

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