Horkans Introduce New Range Of Lanterns

“Where there is no light, there is no beauty”

At Horkans we are constantly aspiring to be our best selves. We want to bring you products that will enhance your life and augment your well being. That is why the next stop on our journey of transformation is lighting. Lighting increases the beauty and wonder of a living space, whether indoors or outdoors. Luxa are the masters of lighting and we are very proud to be bringing them to you. They have been selling “fire and ice since 1999” and in this time they have mastered the art of illumination. Our Luxa range features an impressive range of lamps, lanterns and flamelights, carefully chosen to meet all styles and desires. A Luxa lamp has the ability to illuminate every garden and living space. They add a contemporary and decorative feel to your indoor or outdoor area, whilst also providing light, color and radiance to your home and garden.

At Horkans, we are proud to introduce an extensive range of Luxa lamps and lanterns, ranging from elegant white lanterns for the contemporary home to a rustic, vintage style lamp.

Why should you add a Luxa lamp to your home?

  • Selecting the right lamp for your space can add class and elegance to your area.
  • Light allows you to illuminate and add emphasis to the areas of your home or garden you want to highlight.
  • The right light can compliment the space you have created and add that finishing touch.
  • Light is known to positively affect one’s mood.
Chevron Luxa Lamp
Forest Brazier Luxa Lamp
Chevron High Vase Luxa Lamp

Light is undoubtedly a beautiful thing. Where there is light, there is hope and promise. As the sun falls and the darkness settles, a light can reignite the evening. Adding a lamp to your home, garden or patio allows you, in a sense, to extend time, to pause the moment and live in it. Are you interested in seeing our full range of Luxa lights? You can check them out here: