Introducing The Sierra Patio Cover By Palram

Palram creates superior lifestyle products for domestic and commercial environments. The company prides itself on its creativity, reliability and quality. At Horkans, we are proud to be the exclusive seller of Palram products in Ireland. Let us introduce you to their Sierra Patio Cover…

The Sierra Patio Cover is a stylish and luxurious addition to any outdoor space. It is perfect for family get-together’s and cookouts. Designed to enhance your outdoor experience year-round, it the perfect solution to the Irish weather. Take a look at some of its key features below, all of which make the Sierra Patio Cover a must have!

Sierra Patio Cover - Grey

Everything The Sierra Patio Cover Has To Offer:

Polycarbonate panels: The Sierra Patio Cover is made using polycarbonate glazing. This is virtually unbreakable and shatter resistant. It does not discolor or become brittle over time, as it is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. It has 6mm twin-walls that provide 100% protection from UV rays. 

Rust-resistant aluminum frame: Holding the panels together is the extra rigid and heavy-duty aluminum frame. This, in combination with laser-cut, galvanised, steel connectors ensures sturdy structural stability. It too is resistant to rust, rot and corrosion. This means it is maintenance-free and long lasting.

Adjustable Dimensions: Equipped with flexible positioning holes, the Sierra Patio Cover has custom fitting advantages to match your patio dimensions. This enables you to set your desired height at the wall connection, the distance from the house and between the front poles. The wall mounting plate is adjustable to meet your required height, allowing a flexible positioning of the roof slope. Its adjustable oval poles also allow for ideal positioning.

Gutter heads: It is furnished with integrated rain gutters and adjustable gutter heads to easily channel and collect water for sustainable irrigation.

Anchoring: Sturdy, oval aluminum poles are provided to secure the patio cover to the surface. It requires a solid level surface and solid wall support. 

DIY assembly: It is a perfect DIY  project with no need for special expertise or tools. It is easy-to-install with its sliding assembly system. For assembly instructions click here.

Warranty: It comes with a 7 year limited warranty. For details click here.

Sierra Patio Cover - White

Have you got questions on our Palram range? Just contact your local store where one of our helpful and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.