Paraic’s Plant Of The Month: December 2020

“The poinsettia is a beautiful indoor plant with fabulous red bracts producing a beautiful show of colour from early December through Christmas and the New Year."Paraic Horkan
The Poinsettia plant in nursery.
Poinsettia plant in front of Christmas tree.
Poinsettia plant

The Poinsettia is a beautiful indoor plant with eye-catching red and green foliage. It originated in Mexico and it derives its name from Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first United States Minister to Mexico. Joel Roberts Poinsett introduced the plant to the US in 1825. Since then, it has spread as a popular indoor plant throughout the world. It is particularly popular at Christmas, where it is a welcome addition to any floral display.

The Poinsettia Plant and Christmas

The Poinsettia plant and Christmas have been linked for many years. It all began in Mexico when a poor girl brought a bunch of weeds as a present to the baby Jesus on Christmas Eve. She was burdened with sadness as she brought this gift to Jesus but her cousin told her that "even the smallest gift, given by someone who loves him will make Jesus happy." As she placed the bouquet of weeds on the alter, they transformed into bright red flowers. Now, the bright red flowers of the Poinsettia plant are known as 'Flowers of the Holy Night'.

Poinsettia plants in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Care Tips For The Poinsettia

  • The Poinsettia plant needs warmth. Place it in a warm, centrally-heated location.
  • The plant needs light. Place it in a bright area with an abundance of natural light.
  • It needs water. Use lukewarm water to water the plant from the base. Always allow the soil to dry out before re-watering.

Note: Although a Poinsettia plant is generally a one year plant, our customers report having the plant for many years. Simply put, no home is complete at Christmas without the beautiful Poinsettia as a decoration!

Check out the video below to learn more about the beautiful Poinsettia plant.

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