Using Plants To Decorate Your Front Door

If the eye is the window to your soul, then maybe your front door is the window to those living inside. What people see in your front entryway impacts the appeal of your home. Why not make your front entrance bold, attractive and appealing? The question is, how do you create that entrance way? With front door plants!

One of the best ways to decorate your front door is to use specimen plants. These add a uniquely aesthetic looks to your home. You can choose from a wide range of specimen plants which may come in pots or containers. With these low maintenance and easy-to-grow shrubs, you give a natural look and feel to your porch.

Follow these 5 simple tips to transform your entrance way:

1. Choose a front door display that complements and echoes the mood of your house.

Consider the architecture of your home and decide what impression you would like to create through the landscape in your front door area. Whether it’s a group of mixed border plants or some formal potted plants beautifully arrayed on your front steps, your chosen design, specimen plants and ornaments set the tone of how welcoming your home will be.

2. Let your entrance way be the attention-grabber, with your front door as the focal point.

Your front door serves as the transition between the exterior landscapes to more intimate spaces in your home. Give a welcoming impression by ensuring that your entryway planting matches the style of your home and wider surroundings. Use symmetry and borders to lead the viewer’s eye to your front door. Whether planted in the ground or in pots, shrubs in symmetrical arrangements create an impressive and classical touch. If you want to create an attractive landscape with a defined area, border plants are a great idea to set off your entryway. By working with these concepts of borders, frames and hedges, you can create a “finished” look to your front door gardens.

Front door with Buxus spirals
Front door with Buxus Balls

3. Use specimen plants to emphasize features of an entrance way.

Be selective when choosing your specimen plants for your entrance way. Make sure they are noticeable but not excessive. Incorporate the design of a specimen plant in the front entryway by positioning it near the front door to lead the viewer’s eye towards it. Climbers or vine plants are ideal for balusters and faded walls. Flowering shrubs and hanging planters bring an alluring and exciting look, where shades of colours are needed. Pair this with the right ornaments to touch up a worn-out façade.

4. Choose specimen plants that have a pleasing texture to add a splash of colour or interest.

Front door plants welcome your guests, therefore we would advice against using plants with thorns. Choose those with a pleasing texture. Consider as well if your entryway is shaded or exposed to the sun and select appropriate plants given your garden conditions. Choose flowers or plants which add colour and a unique touch to your pathways. You can utilize diverse deciduous evergreens, bulbs, annuals, shrubs and perennials to ensure that you create interesting sights throughout the seasons.

5. When selecting plants, envisage them in their mature height.

In designing your front door landscape, think of plants in terms of their actual mature height and not their height when bought at the nursery. What was once small and cute may grow into a height that blocks your window view. It might be also worth considering dwarf shrubs for your front door displays.

Whatever theme or style you choose, these 5 simple tips with the right blend of specimen plants will surely leave your front doors transformed!

If you have questions on the perfect specimen plants and shrubs to beautify your front doors, contact your local store where one of our helpful and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.