Vegepod raised garden bed

Benefits of the Vegepod: a raised garden bed

Are you looking for a sustainable and simple way to grow your own food at home? We've got just what you need - the Vegepod is a self-watering, raised garden bed that makes growing fruit and vegetables super easy. Here are the top benefits of the Vegepod.

Vegepod inforgraphic

Self-watering wicking bed

Yes, that's right - the Vegepod is self-watering! There are many ways in which the Vegepod conserves water. Firstly, its reservoir has wicking wells, where water is 'wicked' up to the plant roots. You can even connect a timer hose to the mist spray system - this'll allow you to keep your plants watered no matter where you are.

Secondly, the Vegepod settles any of your overwatering worries with their overflow hole. This hole drains excess water from the reservoir when it's full. You only need to top the reservoir up every few weeks, while the closed system means that water is never wasted.

Protection from wildlife & pests

Many gardeners know the pain of coming outside to find their crop destroyed by pests. It can be very disheartening when you've put so much work into your planting. One of the many benefits of the Vegepod is that it has a protective microclimate cover. This protects your crop from interference with pests and other wildlife. 

NOTE: The super-fine, tightly fitted mesh holes also mean there is no danger to the wellbeing of larger pests such as birds, bats or mammals that often get caught up in the typical loose-draped exclusion netting (and with larger clumsy holes).

Protection from damaging weather

The weather we get in Ireland can be quite damaging to plants outside. From strong wind, rain and frost to hot weather - we certainly get it all in Ireland. Our recent weather has been changing constantly with snow, sun, rain and wind appearing, sometimes all in the same day! This weather can create uncertainty when gardening as it can seem impossible trying to prepare our plants for the ever-changing weather. 

The Vegepod comes with a protective microclimate cover which protects your crop from any damaging weather. This permeable mesh cover allows air, rain and up to 83% of sunlight in. It also provides a 17% shade rate, the lowest in the world. It’s the perfect cover as it also keeps plants cool, lets the light in and keeps pests out. This cover also has hinge clips which can be used to secure the Vegepod cover to the base, allowing easy access.

Easy assembly

Another one of the great benefits of the Vegepod is that it's super easy to assemble - just check out Paraics Vegepod assembly video below for guidance!

Year round gardening

The best part about the Vegepod is the ability to grow your own all year round. The protective cover creates a greenhouse-like climate which protects your crop throughout every season. 

Organic gardening

The Vegepods cover protects your plants from weeds and pests, so there’s no need for harmful herbicides and pesticides. This means that you're guaranteed organic and healthy food for you and your family to enjoy. 

Protects soil & stops contamination

In order to have growing success, you need to have good soil quality. Existing soil in the ground can be infected with lead and chemicals which creates poor soil quality - not ideal for growing in. With the Vegepod, you're guaranteed that your soil is contained and protected. 


The plastic bed materials are all certifiably food safe. They're BPA free, Grade 5 and non-leaching. This can't be said for many treated timbers, iron beds or even upcycled materials such as foam boxes, tyres and other plastic containers. In fact, this is also the reason why the Vegepod isn’t made from recycled plastic. Many often assume recycled plastic is the best option, but due to the myriad of unknown plastics that go into each and every batch, one cannot certify food-safety. Recycled plastics are great for making decks and furniture but not for food growing containers.


We're pleased to note that Vegepods do not use single-use plastic and every part of the Pod is 100% recyclable. It can be put back into the system via the normal recycling avenues available to all households today.

Wheelchair accessible

Gardening is meant for everybody, which is why the Vegepod is wheelchair accessible. We've had many customers buy the Vegepod for nursing homes - it makes gardening so much easier and accessible to those who are in wheelchairs. We find this to be one of the best parts about the Vegepod as it allows everyone to join in on the fun.

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