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Grow Your Own Herbs At Home: Expert’s Guide by Horkans Garden Centre

Always wondered about adding that secret little ingredients to your diet that can make your cooking stand out? Herbs are those aromatic taste enhancers that can boost your cooking to another level!

We personally love planting many herbs from the fragrant mint to the tasty basil. Here’s the list of benefits of growing your own herbs that our experts at Horkans Garden Centre outlined.

Benefits of Growing Your Own Herbs

1. Waste Little – Save More

Yes, we don’t consume herbs in a large quantity while cooking and often half or more than half of the bunch is either thrown away or waits until it’s stale.

Growing your own herbs at home can allow you to pluck as per the requirements. Not only that, it also saves your last minute trip to the supermarkets.

2. Adds fragrance to your garden or kitchen

Herbs are known for their savoury and aromatic properties. When they’re planted inside, it offers beautiful fragrance. Mint, Lavender, Rosemary and Basil are some of the amazing fragrant herbs. Mint can be used to make herbal tea. Lavender can be dried to add fragrance into wardrobes or even placed beside the bed to encourage a good night sleep.

3. Easy To Grow

Herbs are the tiny cute plants that are incredibly simple to grow and do not require much attention to flourish. There are few simple steps that can be followed to see amazing results.

4. Growing Your Herbs Is Fun & Exciting Hobby

For all the beginners to gardening, this is the perfect place to develop your new passion. As mentioned earlier, herbs are simple to grow and results are always motivating. The fun part of growing your own herbs at home is that you don’t suffer through the painful process of complex gardening. It is easy and simply growing. You can even grow them in a pot on your windowsill bringing a bit of nature indoors!

5. Inexpensive Planting

Often people assume that gardening is a costly activity and the benefits are comparatively lesser. However, our experts strongly believe that growing your own herbs is far more cost effective than purchasing it in the supermarket.

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Another incredible benefit is that you get to add these herbs when they are fresh when grown at home, from pot to pan. This also ensures that they’re completely healthy and safe to consume.

How To Grow Your Own Herbs

Moving on, we’re confident that you’re motivated about planting the tiny herbs in your garden or kitchen. So without taking more time, let’s dive into simple steps.

First Step – Identifying the right location & container.

The first step is to determine the place where you would like to plant your herbs. They can be grown indoors at the window or outside in a pot or directly in the ground. Our experts guide that most of the herbs thrive in semi-shaded conditions. The ideal location to grow your own herbs indoors is at the windowsill.

Second Step – Drainage Settings

It is essential to ensure that whichever place you choose to grow your herbs has good drainage. Herbs will drown in water if the drainage is poorly maintained. There are plenty of pots available, inexpensive, lightweight, and have plenty of holes at the bottom to allow surplus water to pass.

Third Step – Soil Settings

Our experts suggest lightweight and nutution rich potting mix are an ideal soil setting for growing your own herbs. Garden soils are not ideal unless cultivated.

Fourth Step – Creative Plant Placements

The key is to ensure that the plants are spaced well in a container. Keeping the plant’s mature size in mind while potting them will be an excellent plan. Plants grow and thrive best when they have enough room. When planted give them enough room to grow out and up.

Fifth Step – Watering Settings

As we mentioned above, herbs do not demand a lot of water. Horkans suggest watering herbs once a day, making sure the drainage is free. However, if you’re in a hot climate zone, watering them in the evening is a perfect time to ditch the heat of the day.

By following these simple steps, you’ll start seeing results on your herbs.

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If you have any questions our experts at your local Horkan Garden Centre will be happy to help or we are just a phone call away.