How To Grow Your Own Apples - Gardening Guide & tips for grow your own apples

Grow Your Own Apples: Expert’s Advice To Planting Apple Trees & Harvesting Apples

Growing apple is almost on every gardener’s list. Juicy apples are one of the most desired fruits that can be grown at home. A lot of people feel that one needs to require acres of land to grow apples. However, that’s not true; we can even grow apples in a pot as the size of the trees is determined by the size of its root.

Also, the critical factor while planting and growing apple trees is a long-term commitment and patience.

Experts at Horkan’s Garden center share some of the best insights on how to plant, thrive, and harvest your apples. Let’s talk about the benefits of growing your apple tree first.

5 Benefits Of Growing Apple Tree

Benefits of growing your own apple - Gardening tips in Ireland | Grow your own

1. Fresh Fruits

Once you harvest your fruits and vegetables, you can access the fresh fruits whenever you need to consume them. The best part is that you do not need to rely on freshly chilled or frozen fruits from supermarkets and can readily available when you want them.

2. Chemical Free States

When you grow your fruits, you do not use an external chemical to boost their abnormal growth, ensuring that your food is organic. Also, you are aware of the complete process and can consume them without the fear of harmful infestation or hazardous chemicals.

3. Healthy Fruit

Apple is an amazingly nutritious and healthy fruit packed with fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants. Also, they are filling and at the same time have a low calories count.

Some of the health benefits of apple are:

1. Controls Blood Sugar and Type 2 Diabetes. (1)

2. Lower risk of developing heart diseases. (2)

3 Lower risk of Cancer. (3)

4. Cost Saving

Consuming organic fruits, homegrown, and fresh will be far more cost-effective than the fruits available at the supermarket labeled as organic. Another critical factor is that apples are fresh and not chilled fresh.

There are plenty of articles highlighting how much you can save by growing your food. Here’s a quick link for you to refer to a reliable article.

5. Leisure Activity

Any fruit or food Gardening is a fun activity that brings you closer to nature and boosts your mood. A multi-year study suggests that people engaged in gardening activities had significant improvement on their reducing their depression.

Also, another advantage is that it fosters a feeling of connection with your family and gardening community.

Moving on, here’s a list of tips to help you with growing your own apple.

Tips On Grow Your Own – Apple Gardening Tips

Tips to grow your own apples - Grow Your own Ireland | Gardening tips

1. Purchase From Authentic Gardening Stores

It is vital to buy your seeds and gardening essentials from stores to guide you with an ideal product and instruct you on how to use them. We at Horkans believe in offering the best customer service from suggesting the best product to helping them understand how to plant and thrive.

Get in touch with one of our nearest stores to get personalized expert advice on growing your own fruits and vegetables.

Also, we have a wide range of products that you can order online. Here’s a quick link for it.

2. Choose The Correct Apple Tree

There are two varieties of apple trees – Regular apple trees & Miniature apple trees.

A regular apple tree can grow up to an average of 4 meters mature size. That can usually take approximately 5 to 6 years to grow. Usually requires about a pair of trees for pollination purposes.

Miniature apple tree, as the name, grows up to an average of 2 meters in height. They are also known as Coronet miniature apple trees. This type of tree can also be grown in a pot or patio. Also, it can be purchased as a single solo tree due to self-pollination.

3. Site Guide

General apple trees can be grown outdoors in a garden. As mentioned above, pair of trees should be planted at two meters distances from each other. Another important tip would be to avoid using the site of old trees as the soil can be damaged and stunts the growth of the new trees.

4. Soil Guide

We suggest digging a hole double the size of your pot to allow the roots to spread and grow well. To improve the drainage system, the bottom and sides of the holes can be forked.

3. Pot Size

If you’re planning to grow a miniature coronet apple tree in a pot then make sure the pot is relatively big and an average ideal size of the pot can be 18-20 inch diameter. Also, Miniature coronet apple trees can be planted in the gardens too.

4. Tree Stake & Ties

It is an important tip while planting your tree. It ensures that your tree is secured and can become established. Stake and ties provide firm support to the tree in the windy area.

5. Fertilizer Guide

Our experts suggest Osmo Pro 6 Plant Fertiliser as an ideal feed for apple trees. Feed your apple tree thrice a year – After the initial feed, the second feed should be scheduled after its flowering and the final application should be after a month.


We’re pretty confident that these tips will help you plant and thrive your apple tree effectively. If you’ve any more questions. Do reach out to your local Horkans Garden Centre, and our knowledgeable and helpful staff will be more than happy to help and answer your queries.

We’re pretty confident that these tips will help you plant and thrive your apple tree effectively.