photo of onions growing

How to Grow Onion Bulbs & Seeds

Onions are the best - delicious, easy to grow and require very little effort. Imagine having a regular supply right outside your door, ready for whenever your in the mood for a fresh, crispy salad? Growing onion bulbs & seeds at home is easier than you'd think. If you'd like to learn how to grow your own little edible garden, then you've come to the right place.

Onion Seeds

Sowing seeds is great because it can be done in the comfort of your own home (learn more about how to grow seeds at home here). All you need are onion seeds, a seed tray and a little bit of compost and perlite. Spring onions are very easy to grow and there is a wide variety available - White Lisbon, Laser and Suttons Red & White Mix Spring Onion Seed Tape. Follow these simple steps to grow spring onion seeds at home:

1. Prepare a seed tray a week in advance by adding some Horkans Complete Compost or any multipurpose compost to it.
2. Make drills about 1.5cm deep and place the seeds in the tray about 15cm apart. Lightly cover them with some compost and perlite which will help them germinate quickly. Ensure the soil is moist before sowing.
3. Cover the seed trays with some cling film or a light plastic lid and place in a warm bright location.
4. Lightly water only if the soil is dry. You can move them outdoors for the rest of their journey if you wish. Your spring onions should be ready to harvest in 3-5 weeks.

Onion Bulbs

Onion bulbs are just as easy to grow as onion seeds. There is a wide variety of bulbs available from the Onion Radar Bulbs to the Onion Electric Sets. If you are looking to plant some bulbs now, we would recommend the Onion Snowball Sets which are best planted early March. Follow the steps below and you will have onions readily available in no time:

1. Find a sheltered spot in your garden and add some Farmyard Manure Soil Improver and Horkans Complete Compost to your existing soil. Try using a raised bed for planting. Onion sets grown in wet soil run the risk of rotting.
2. Plant your onions in rows at about 3cm deep and place them 12cm apart to allow them space to grow.
3. You may water the bulbs during dry periods.
3. Your bulbs will be ready to harvest around early to late summer.

By following these steps you will have your very own little vegetable garden in no time. If you want even more delicious food growing in your garden, then try adding some Garlic Marco bulbs or some wholesome seed potatoes. You will never have to run to the supermarket for vegetables again!

Have you got a gardening question on your mind? Just contact your local Horkans Garden Centre where one of our helpful and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.